Conscious Sedation

What is conscious sedation?

Dental sedation is a type of anesthesia that allows the patient be numb and relaxed without being totally unconscious.

This technique is applied when there are very long or complex treatments, when the patient has difficulty controlling his movements or in those cases in which the patient presents fear or panic to the dentist.

Thanks to this type of sedation, the specialist is able to work in a more comfortable and relaxed way, because the patient is awake, relaxed and without any type of pain.

Additionally, this type of sedation has other advantages such as:

  • The patient is conscious during the intervention, which allows us to communicate with him if necessary.
  • Recovery time is shorter than patients with general anesthesia.

At Clínica Dental Herrera our objective is clear, we want you to be in the best hands and we want to make your visit as pleasant as posible.

Dr. Jesús Badía and his team of anesthetists are responsible for performing this type of techniques and ensure that the interventions are a success.

This type of technique allows that you can feel relaxed while you are in our hands.

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