At Clínica Dental Herrera, we invest in cutting-edge dental technology to apply the most innovative treatments in our field.

OXO CORE from Akura

Tool that helps us in the restoration and rehabilitation on implants, is called OXO CORE from Akura equipped with two software:

1.- Use *photogrammetry
2.- Mandibular dynamic *recording.

*Photogrammetry is a precise measurement of the dimensions and position in space of an object through data obtained from photographs.
* Mandibular dynamics is the way the mandible moves in space. Thanks to this camera we know the system of measurement and reproduction of mandibular movements.


AIRFLOW® Prophylaxis Master is the latest innovation from EMS for “Guided Biofilm Therapy”: a unique solution for the prevention of caries and periodontal diseases and maintenance. Designed for intensive professional use, this equipment is characterized by its exclusive ergonomic features, high precision, and easy maintenance, as well as compliance with the most demanding hygiene standards. AIRFLOW® Prophylaxis Master has been designed to meet the highest levels of performance, safety, and comfort.

BTI Apnia

Thanks to APNiA®, patients with mild and moderate apneas can be diagnosed and treated at Clínica Dental Herrera through personalized splints.

It is also useful for those patients with severe apnea who refuse or do not tolerate treatment with CPAP machines, provided by sleep units, or to establish combined treatments.


Thanks to CS 3600 capture we get improved treatment planning and a more streamlined workflow; thus We perfected the capture of digital impressions in restorations, orthodontics and implants. The accuracy of this scanner consists of the combination of two extremely important and complementary elements: fidelity and precision. “Fidelity” refers to the agreement of a measurement with the actual quantity being measured, while “precision” indicates the ability to consistently repeat that measurement.

It has a high-speed continuous scan, so captures can be completed seamlessly with interruptions
in the workflow.
With the 3D HD color function, it provides optimized 3D images in stunning high definition, so
guarantees better communication between the dentist and our patients.
Full HD 3D color fingerprints can be viewed by external parties via CS MeshViewer. This offers laboratories and specialists an incredibly realistic view of the patient’s mouth.

AFT System Onef

AFT’s System One allows obtaining 3D orofacial records with maximum precision in a simple, fast and free of annual licenses.

Study, plan and assess cases with total accuracy

Gives visual validity in 3D to the budget before patients

Work with any prosthetist without geographical limitations

AFT System One is the first comprehensive and affordable system for three-dimensional smile design. It captures images of the patients’ faces in 3D and positions, with maximum reliability, the patient’s teeth within the digital face, thanks to the fact that it includes facial scanbodies that allow the unique 3D facial registration in the world, the AFT Face Data .

In this way, we make it possible for patients to be available to professionals at all times, without the need to have them in person.

This system captures all the positions of the patient’s smile required by the dental clinician – in just 10 minutes – so that the dental technician can carry out his work with greater precision. In this simple way you can do dental studies and prosthesis designs with all the patient’s information.

Cone Beam CT

Radiological scanner that allows anatomical cuts or sections of the jaws to be obtained for diagnostic purposes, an essential tool for safe and minimally invasive treatments.

Cone beam dental computed tomography (CT) is an X-ray equipment used in dentistry, especially in the areas of implantology, maxillofacial surgery, endodontics and orthodontics. It differs from an orthopantomography in that the image is in 3D instead of 2D, giving more spatial information, which gives us much more useful data when making a good diagnosis.

Augmented Reality Glasses for Dentists

ICNOS is the first augmented reality system for communication and distraction of the patient who comes to the dental center. The patient can choose between several options to distract himself during the treatment, in addition he can communicate with the dentist.

ICNOS augmented reality glasses are fully customizable, so you can include all the information you consider relevant and interesting for your patients. ICNOS glasses give the possibility of choosing between all the content that we can find on the internet: movies, documentaries, press…) Therefore, children can also enjoy this technology with special content designed for them.

3SHAPE TRIOS Intraoral Scanner

3Shape’s intraoral scanner called TRIOS improves the patient experience by reducing chair time and unlocking the widest range of treatment possibilities. This scanner is backed by continuous software updates, upgradable hardware and complementary treatment modules, ensuring the state of the art in intraoral scanners.

fast and comfortable

TRIOS makes scanning fast and easy for dentists and assistants ensuring optimal patient comfort and less chair time.

ITERO digital printing system

Scanner for taking intraoral records with which a better accuracy of the restorations is achieved and significantly improves the patient experience. It offers the possibility of digitally visualizing the work carried out prior to its preparation.

scanning on the go

The software automatically detects and repositions the start and end points of the scan when moving to a new scan position within the scanned segment.

iTero processes the scan at the same time it is done. It stitches the volume creation images together automatically and in the correct order, adapts to changes in position, and detects and removes soft tissue. Plus, it captures everything and detects exactly what you need to see.

Sirona Connect scanner: Digital impression from the practice to the laboratory

Digital impression has a name: Sirona Connect by Dentsply Sirona, by far the most innovative and reliable solution for dentists and dental technicians who want to stay digitally connected to modern dentistry. Cost-effective practice and laboratory workflows to ensure high-quality, aesthetic prosthetic solutions for patient well-being.

Optical microscope

It is a stereoscopic optical instrument thanks to which we obtain maximum precision and safety in surgical and endodontic treatments. The enlarged image (up to 25 times life size) and Xenon light illumination in hard-to-reach places make it an indispensable tool.


Piezoelectric system with which bone surgeries can be performed in a non-traumatic and minimally invasive way. For both the patient and the professional, with a safe and effortless cut, a better tactile sense and less postoperative pain.

Evidence-Based Benefits
Increases bone volume.
Comfort: Less postoperative pain.
Optimal visibility.
Optimal healing.


Diagnostic tool that allows the stability of the implant to be measured in order to know when the exact moment of osseointegration of the implant is, avoiding failures due to early loading of the implant without jeopardizing the healing process. It’s a fast, non-invasive system that provides the accurate, unbiased information you need to work with confidence.

Florid probe

Audiovisual technology for diagnosis and monitoring of periodontal treatment. A precise system using constant pressure ensures accurate and predictable results.

Performs a correct evaluation of the patient’s periodontal status, before and after undergoing periodontal treatments. It transmits greater data reliability, so that if a relapse is observed during a patient’s review or maintenance visit, it is compared with the previous data, visualizing the possibility of re-performing the treatment in that area.

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