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We are pleased to announce that since November 24, 2021 we have been recognized with the ISO 9001:2015 and UNE 179001 Dental Quality Certificates.
We have implemented a quality management system, perfecting all the biosafety protocols that we had in place, as well as those that we complement as a result of COVID-19.

It has been a year of hard work with different audits, and now it is bearing fruit; an oral guarantee of our dental treatments, and the satisfaction of our patients as a priority objective.

What does it mean to have these quality certificates?

▶ Increases and improves patient health protection.
▶ Meets all safety requirements for patients and
▶ Professionals with the necessary training and experience for the
performance of the different sectors and/or dental specialties.
▶ Preventive Maintenance Plan for all equipment and facilities (which ensures the highest quality in the different treatments).

Your loyalty deserves that we continue in this line of work!

Thank you all for your confidence.

CLINICA DENTAL HERRERA, founded in 2005, our way of seeing dentistry is based on the development and use of the most modern technologies in the hands of a team characterized, in addition to its training, by its human profile.

CLINICA DENTAL HERRERA, has decided to implement a quality management system based on the ISO 9001 and UNE 179001 standards, in order to offer its services by meeting and improving the demands of our customers.

The purpose of the quality system is to offer our patients a total guarantee of our services, and the satisfaction of the patients of the Clinic, thanks to compliance with the established requirements, within the deadlines and prices set, and personalized attention to our clients. .

With the implementation of this quality system, the Administrator undertakes to:

Be at the forefront of instrumentation and technological advances.
Compliance with the needs of patients, consolidating trust in the Clinic, also fulfilling the legal, regulatory and other requirements applicable to our services.
Effective management and control of processes.
Act honestly in the recommendations and procedures made to our clients.
Meet the needs and expectations of our patients, earning their trust and loyalty with our attitude and actions, ensuring the quality of the services provided.
Teamwork and motivation for improvement.
Continuous training of our human capital.

The Administrator of CLINICA DENTAL HERRERA undertakes to provide the necessary technical and human resources so that the quality policy is imposed and disseminated in all areas of the company, being understood and reviewed so that it allows the achievement of the objectives set by the company. . In addition, it undertakes to adequately manage the risks and opportunities of our processes.

Likewise, the Administrator of CLINICA DENTAL HERRERA keeps our policy available to interested parties and carries out periodic reviews and audits of our management system to verify and evaluate compliance with the established objectives, goals and programs. With these principles the company aims to achieve maximum customer satisfaction.

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